My name is Mislav and I live in small town near Varaždin, Croatia. I'm currently working full-time as Linux system administrator at maxcom d.o.o and part-time as CEO in my personal company mSys. In mSys, I'm doing similar stuff, so it's mostly based on linux server/system administration (basically everything that is mentioned below under experience). I'm 28 years old and father of two. Apart from family, since childhood, my big passion is also fishing - mostly carp sport fishing with motto: catch and release! Boilies FTW

When it comes to work stuff - the very first time I came in contact with Linux (Ubuntu) was after college in late 2011th and after that in early 2012th with Debian. Since then, I've dropped windows OS completely for work related stuff and switched to Ubuntu. Even now, in 2016, I'm still learning new stuff with some experience from past few years.

"Wait a second, you've dropped windows OS?" As I mentioned, only for work related stuff, I'm still using it for gaming! Yes, I'm a gamer as well. My very first steps were in WoW on private servers, after that Dota on eurobattle.net, then Dota on garena/Dota 2 on steam/Diablo 3/WoW retail/D3 RoS, etc...This days, I'm playing D3 on season and World of Warcraft when I have time (not hardcore), and I've paused with Dota 2 a bit. A side note: I've also tried and successfully configured both WoW and D3 on ubuntu machine through Wine and they were working, however, I do prefer/suggest native Windows for this.

As linux sys admin over years I've been working on many projects/setuping different server environments and here is something I've been working with/as:

  • Hosting Administrator (Plesk Parallels / cPanel / WHM / ISPConfig)
  • basic and advanced shared/dedicated server support/maintenance/administration/troubleshooting (24/7/365 environment)
  • installation/configuration of the hosting environment on Linux platform (Debian/Ubuntu/CentOS) – LAMP/LEMP
  • customer/hosting/server support (basic customer/hosting support and advanced troubleshooting
  • email troubleshooting and discovering mail queue spam source, improving reputation of server IP, implementation/suggestion for best practices
  • managed hosting/linux system administration
  • bash scripting and terminal /shell command line knowledge
  • virtualization technology openvz
  • iptables, CSF (ConfigServer Security & Firewall), APF (Advanced Policy Firewall), CXS (ConfigServer eXploit Scanner)
  • SSL Certificates (installation/configuration for A/A+ score)
  • also working with: proxmox, apache/nginx/php(fpm/fast cgi), MySQL server (MyISAM/InnoDB optimization), SMTP – MTA postfix/exim, DNS, Zabbix, NFS, Redmine, GIT, Teamspeak Servers (TS needs some remindings)
  • debugging/cleaning of infected CMS Systems (like Wordpress, Joomla)
  • VMware virtualization
  • IceWarp Mail Server
  • rsync / rsnapshot
  • additional PHP version installation from source
  • working with different Europe datacenters
  • MySQL master/slave replication

If you need server/datacenter suggestion, feel free to contact me!

  • awk
  • sed
  • HAProxy
  • Varnish
  • more to come

Get in touch with me through socials medias or contact form below:

  • odesk upwork mislav orsolic
  • linkedin mislav orsolic

Note (contact form): I usually respond within 12-24h, but just in case check spam folder!

For sensitive information, please use my PGP/GPG key located: here - click.

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